No servers, No Ops, No Stress!

If you don’t worry about servers when deploying your application, why should you worry about servers (or nodes, or clusters) when using a database service?

The simple global RESTful API for inserting, querying, aggregating, and searching makes Xata the perfect companion for Serverless and Jamstack development platforms.

Connectionless API

Scales automatically

Pay as you go

No operations

Data globally distributed

Globally distributed, around the world

Your data is automatically replicated in several reagions across the globe, so you can provide the minimal response times to your users with almost no effort. Both writes and reads are executed by default locally, with eventual consistency between regions.

Automatic failover between regions means increased redundancy and availability.

Spreadsheet-like UI

Xata allows you to iteratively build your database schema as you add sample data, all via a spreadsheet-like UI. You can add new tables, columns, data, and create queries and views. It then gives you code samples ready to be used in your application.

This boosts your productivity like no other database, and as the application grows, your data stays safe and correct.

Xata Spreadsheet-like UI

Document oriented, but with relations

Xata has a NoSQL-like rich document oriented data model. The documents are organized in tables and relations between documents are represented via links and denormalized lookup fields. By automating and abstracting away the pains of denormalization, Xata enables your application to represent relations in a familiar way, while still allowing your data to grow to massive scale and your queries to stay super fast.

For your developer workflow

Xata is the first database service designed to match your development workflow. Automatically create test databases for your Pull Requests, experiment with the schema on them, test the applications on the PR and staging, then migrate the schema to the production environment. Creating/deleting database as well as most schema operations are almost instantaneous.

  • Manage multiple environments
  • Manage schema migrations
  • Tighter change controls for prod

Free text Search

In today’s cloud-native world, almost any application requires powerful and relevant free-text search. Why integrate with and pay for multiple services when you can get the functionality that you need all in one?

  • No more copying data between the DB and the search engine.
  • Fine tune relevance controls

Built-in Analytics

Aggregations and facets are a key part of almost any app. Active users over time, top paying customers, most reviewed entries, number of reviews over time, the number of products in each category. Create visualizations with the GUI, then click the “View code” icon to see the API call.

  • Fast aggregations at any scale
  • No complicated SQL to create aggregations

Our Investors

Xata is backed by investors and angels with a lot of experience in the infrastracture space, including the founders and leaders of several unicorn companies.

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We’re hiring!

We all work remotely, usually from home, and we meet in person a couple of times per year in a nice location. We believe in well-tested and clean code, simple tools, progress over perfection, and addressing technical debt early. We also put a lot of value on work-life balance and you should expect a relaxed, diverse, and inclusive work environment.